Vanke Chengdu – Best of Both Worlds

Project Overview

Status: Project

A hybrid model celebrating the ‘Best of Both Worlds’, combining high street anchor store with a pedestrian shopping street experience, responding more sensitively to location, and unlocking the potential and commercial value of many sites in cities across China. This is an alternative model to the oversized shopping mall box that is facing decline due to changing lifestyles.

Responsible urban planning opens up the site to connect and coalesce with surrounding communities. People also desire more choice in the move towards a 24 hour cosmopolitan lifestyle. The sheltered retail street provides 24 hour access to entertainment, restaurants, cinemas, bars and Karaoke.

In this study, the high street anchor store opens up into a ‘Rooftop Plaza’ similar to Kaohsiung in Taiwan, or a rooftop dining experience similar to Banyan Tree lounge in Bangkok.