Hand Grown Visions


"The Earth is a cradle of the mind, but we cannnot live forever in a cradle"
- Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, early 20th Century father of the Russian space program.

As a published member of the AIAA - American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, John Curran has presented peer reviewed aerospace papers on the topics of space urbanism and the cultural celebration of space.


Is a vision for a tourist city in low earth orbit. Weightlessness redefines our experience of everything. The storyboard for Sky City imagines moving around, public performances, dining, space gardens and space Olympics, played out within large inflatable public arenas. A matrix of stems organise circulation and receive plug-in pod hotel rooms.


Art Lab In Space

NASA and the ESA realise that for the space industry to prosper, new ways must be found to engage public interest. ALIS is a vision for a micro art gallery, delivered and attached to the existing International Space Station. ALIS curates exhibitions that interact in weightlessness, and can be viewed on earth in real time through a website portal.


Bubble Architecture Space Environments

Is a vision for an inflatable habitat, plugged into the existing International Space Station, developed and derived from NASA’s ‘Transhab’ Project. BASE can be reconfigured into different environments – a research lab, a recreation & performance space, and a test bed for future missions to the Moon and Mars.

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